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Grant S. Moise is currently the Executive Vice President of A. H. Belo and General Manager of The Dallas Morning News. In this role, Moise oversees the following operating units of The Dallas Morning News: Sales, Marketing, Production, Distribution and the Newsroom. In addition to these responsibilities, Moise also oversees all digital marketing services divisions within A. H. Belo, including: Connect, Distribion, Marketing FX, Veritcal Nerve and Speakeasy.

Prior to his role as General Manager and Executive Vice President, Moise ran the Business Development division where the company launched its strategy to diversify the revenue streams within A. H. Belo. The company remains committed to continuing to diversify its sources of revenue in areas of marketing where business customers can realize a return on their investment.

In addition to his direct responsibilities, Moise also serves on the boards of the TCU Neeley School of Business MBA program and Providence Christian School of Texas.

James M. Moroney III
Chairman, President and
Chief Executive Officer
A. H. Belo Corporation
Publisher and Chief Executive Officer
The Dallas Morning News

Katy Murray
Senior Vice President and
Chief Financial Officer

Christine E. Larkin
Senior Vice President/
General Counsel & Corporate Secretary

Grant S. Moise
Executive Vice President
of A. H. Belo and General Manager
of The Dallas Morning News

Michael J. O'Hara
Senior Vice President and
Chief Information Officer

Nicki Purcell
Chief Digital Officer and
Senior Vice President of Consumer Sales

Tim Storer
DMV Portfolio

Mike Wilson
The Dallas Morning News

Julie Hoagland
Senior Vice President and
Chief People Officer